History, genealogy and old photos

« Forgetting your ancestors is a stream without spring, a tree without roots. » Chinese Proverb

Historical and genealogical research, photos and editorial are carried out by volunteer co-owners Liliane Blondeau and Anne Marie Da Costa Lima.


According to the dictionary Le Petit Robert (2007), the story is « the knowledge and narrative of past events. »
We are not historians, but it seemed interesting to search for and relate facts and events that led to the development of the Domaine Sainte Hélène.
This work of remembrance allows us to bring back to people, famous or not, who have participated in this area where we reside.
This search for the origin and history of a house, land or place can be as rewarding and exciting as your ancestors.
The term of « real estate genealogy » is just as suitable for this topic.

An historical area:

Presentation of the Domaine Sainte Hélène and the district of Carras, the creation of the subdivision (1927) with photos, illustrations and cadastral plans; those who designed it and the first houses; its preservation and the first meeting of the owners in 1931

2 ° Genealogy – Two headings:

a) Our streets bear the names of officers who have illustrated themselves in the Great War of 14/18 (details of each officer)
b) Honouring the « famous ancestors » of our co-owners…. known or unknown

3 ° Old Photos: From 1927, creation of streets, houses, surroundings and friendly events.

4 ° Aerial Photos of the Domaine Sainte Hélène from 1943 to 1977

5 ° Life Scenes of the co-owners: some special events in the history of the Domaine Sainte Hélène


The subject is unlimited.